Digital Customer First Transformation System

Strategic Models and Workshops

The Sprinklr Digital Customer First Transformation System is our way of helping brands move faster on their digital transformation journey to become a customer first organization. The System is comprised of 5 Models and supporting workshops that, when combined, enable complex global organizations to identify clear and discrete paths to strategic business value from digital engagement.

Dozens of our clients are already leveraging The Digital Customer First Transformation System to fast-track the process of aligning cross-functional teams and divisions to a common vision.

Here’s a brief description of the 5 Models:

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Value Model

Seeing What's Possible, the Ideal State of Digital Customer First

“Driving stratetigic business from engagement”

Value Model

a visualization of the specific business initiatives, executing strategies, and value opportunities that illustrate discrete paths to strategic business value (making money, reducing cost, managing risk) that can result from digitally-enabled social engagement with customers.


Capabilities Model

What’s Needed from Your People, Process, and Technologies

“Must-haves to engage with connected, empowered people”

Capabilities Model

a visual mapping that breaks down the critical capabilities and competencies companies have to have across their People, Processes, and Technology to effectively execute on strategic digital and social initiatives.


Maturity Model

Your Journey to Digital Customer First

“Where are you?” + “Where are you going?”

Maturity Model

an easy-to-read roadmap that helps brands see where they are today in their journey to customer first and where they need to go, including the key investments and initiatives they’ll need to make.


Operations Model

Making Engagement Happen

“The 5cs of Engagement" + "Infrastructure Integration”

Operations Model

a map depicting how the 5Cs of social engagement — Conversations, Content, Campaigns, Community, and Collaboration — are operationalized within the enterprise. The model also illustrates how Sprinklr’s system of engagement integrates into an enterprise's existing technology ecosystem.


ROI Model

Value You Can Expect to Achieve from Your Investment

“Value you can expect to achieve”

ROI Model

a guide that illustrates how digital and social initiatives can generate business value (Return on Investment) in terms of revenue growth, cost reduction, and risk mitigation.

How can my company take advantage

of the Digital Customer First Transformation System?

Sprinklr conducts a variety of workshops tailored to your needs:

Workshop Type
Length / Format
  • Basic orientation to the digital customer first transformation system (5 Models)
  • 1 session
  • 1-2 hours
  • Remote or F2F
  • Build a basic understanding of what each model is and how to read it
  • Client takeaway — how each Model / Sprinklr can help client resolve priority challenges
Alignment Facilitation
  • Basic orientation for stakeholders
  • Identifying where client strategies and tactics show up on Models
  • Crafting an executive action plan
  • 1 session
  • 2-4 hours
  • F2F
  • Facilitate alignment between Champion and key stakeholders (cross-functional teams and executing SMEs)
  • Client takeaway — Outline next step in building an aligned, cross-functional customer first action plan
Strategic Facilitation
  • Basic orientation for new stakeholders
  • Working session preceded by homework and resulting in an action plan and cross-functional synergies
  • 2-4 sessions over multiple days
  • 2-4 hours each session
  • F2F
  • New stakeholders are brought into an alignment process
  • Client takeaway — A customer first action plan to bridge internal gaps and tie strategies back to business value drivers
  • A longer-term, strategic consulting engagement where Sprinklr facilitates the construction of client-specific artifacts and helps to evangelize them across the company
  • 1-6 months
  • A strategic consulting engagement facilitated by Sprinklr
  • Client takeaway — Customized, client-specific artifacts and frameworks, a strategic roadmap that multiple teams and BUs have contributed to