Transform data into insightful,
impactful experiences


We knew we wanted to make a new kind of visualization platform: one that drives both interactive command centers and compelling data-driven experiences on consumer facing digital signage. To do this we needed powerful design options for any venue, incredible sources of data to pull from, and intuitive tools to manage hundreds of screens. The result is a first of its kind, complete digital signage platform. Sprinklr Display unleashes the power of big data with dozens of powerful new templates, a global display manager, and incredible performance optimized for a variety of display players and hardware.


Storyboard Manager enables brands to build compelling stories, gaining insight on a newly launched campaign or to activating customers in a store with a showcase of the most influential fan content. Dozens of included templates look great with an incredible variety of formats and layouts.

Tunables, our take on the WYSIWYG editor, enables the user to make design changes with a few clicks. For those talented with style sheets, we’ve opened up the entire experience with a real-time CSS editor. The Data Tab gives access to the brands data, metrics, dimensions, filters, time ranges, and so much more from 24 data channels and growing. Imagination is the only limit.


Many sophisticated global brands with offices and locations all over the world are still managing their displays with the old spreadsheet. As much as we love spreadsheets (shoutout to pivot tables) we wanted to make a more efficient and intuitive way to manage displays. We call it Display Manager. Check in real-time what content is playing on screens all over the globe. Easy to set up and even easier to manage. Patent pending technologies including our Stay Alive tech ensures that displays keep content on screen even when the internet connection drops.


We believe that the best touchscreen is the one you are already holding, the phone or tablet in your hand. The UI for Sprinklr Display was designed for mobile devices. This means you can design an entire wall to wall Command Center all from your phone or set up an in-store display right from your tablet. The mobile experience doesn’t stop there. The Sprinklr Display Remote enables users to navigate and control live displays on demand from a mobile phone.

Sprinklr Display is available now