Sprinklr Experience Cloud

Customer Experience Management for the Enterprise

Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud enables enterprises to create more human connections and deliver a seamless experience to every one of their customers across any channel, every time, at scale. The Experience Cloud is a unified platform made up of flexible building blocks that give the world’s largest brands the ability to reach, engage, and listen to customers on Facebook, Twitter, and 23 other social channels. When deployed across the enterprise and integrated with legacy systems, such as email and CRM, Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud, enriches structured customer data with the human context that only social can provide.

This new approach lets you create a comprehensive view of each customer and a system of record for experience — one that recognizes your customers not as data points, but as people.

Sprinklr Experience Cloud for Social

Everything you need, all in one place

Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud for Social Media Management is the most complete solution for enterprises looking to listen, engage, and reach their customers in social. We help you consolidate point solutions and deliver a seamless experience across more than 25 social channels. With Experience Cloud you can organize internal teams, establish workflows, automate processes and drive successful collaboration across your social program. We have what you need to deliver better customer experiences across every social touchpoint.

Sprinklr Experience Cloud for Marketing

Right audience, right content, right channel, right time

Sprinklr Experience Cloud for Marketing helps you deliver compelling content wherever your customers are, and connect with the advocates who can influence them. You can plan campaigns across more than 21 social channels, apps, and email, plus collaborate with your brand, media, and content agencies – all in one place.

Sprinklr Experience Cloud for Advertising

Your money, well spent

Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud for Advertising offers the most efficient and effective advertising solution in social. We help you plan, buy, and optimize media across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. Plus, with Sprinklr you can import first and third party data sources from across the web, mobile, social, email, ecommerce, and CRM to create a unified view of your customer. Armed with that profile, you can plan your media, collaborate on content, consolidate reporting, automate optimization, and take advantage of campaign opportunities – all in real time.

Sprinklr Experience Cloud for Care

Serve them to know them

Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud for Care enables brands to serve customers across more than 21 social networks, plus SMMS, apps and email. No matter where your customers engage, you can know who they are, what they’re saying, and where they’re saying it. Plus, you can save agent time while offering a better experience to your customers. The key is our unified customer view that contextualizes the conversation, manages the case, and lets you resolve problems efficiently with rules-based routing, simplified tagging and programmable macros.

Sprinklr Experience Cloud for Research

Your data, your insights

Sprinklr Experience Cloud for Research helps you capture meaningful, actionable feedback to understand what your customers are saying, why they feel that way, and instantly, empathetically engage. You can look across practically any social channel, physical location, survey response, or rating and review to extract meaningful insights about your customers, stores, products, or brands. Insights don’t do much good if they get stuck in a presentation on a shared drive, so Sprinklr makes it easy to distribute digital insights everywhere in your organization and make them actionable across our entire platform.

Sprinklr Experience Cloud for Commerce

From point of experience to point of sale

Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud for Commerce unlocks the power of a unified digital customer experience by influencing pre & post purchase decisions, bringing products to life at every touch point, and gaining valuable customer insights. Sales are boosted through shoppable galleries, amplified consumer content, and cohesive customer experiences. With Experience Cloud for Commerce, you can enable customer comments, feedback, ratings and reviews and seamlessly route and respond to these through Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud for Care.