Plan, publish, and measure customer engagement consistently across channels

Social Experience Core

Can you coordinate each team’s social engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK, Sina Weibo, and more?
With Sprinklr’s Social Experience Core, a company’s social data and insights are accessible across the entire platform—not stuck in siloed tools. Your ability to moderate, understand customer profiles, govern all messages, and manage content, will help your company keep the customer at the center of everything.

Smart Content

Planning and Publishing



Keep everything on track

View your campaigns, events, and posts in one place to empower a more collaborative marketing strategy. Mix and match content filters – like channel, campaign, account, status, and date – to see what’s most relevant to you.

  • Create, store, and organize all content for easy access.
  • Plan the right content with a global calendar.
  • Schedule, deploy, analyze targeted messages across channels.

Organizing content messages and assets across various social accounts (brands, locations, etc.) and the plethora of social channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be really overwhelming. Sprinklr’s Planning module provides a planning process that works in tandem with marketing processes and a fully integrated marketing platform.



Publish when and where you want

Draft, schedule, auto-tag, and target content with approvals across 20+ channels simultaneously.
Provide your audience with relevant content by targeting across key social platforms.

  • Turn your business into a content publishing powerhouse.
  • Source, share, preview, target, and deploy rich media content across all major social networks.
  • Manage deployment and sharing with a convenient editorial calendar.
  • Set up organizational compliance and approval rules.
  • Ensure consistent brand voice and messaging across markets, divisions, locations, and time zones.


Asset Management

Measure the impact of your digital assets through our highly organized content library

Set content permissions, embargo dates, and expiration dates to ensure content is used in the right place at the right time – and by the right person. Use engagement metrics to generate ideas for new material.

  • Maximize your investment in content sourcing and production.
  • Manage your multimedia content and deployment across all social channels.
  • Share and reuse winning content across the organization.
  • Pull consistent, aggregated content metrics across all social networks.
  • Surface top performing content and producers across your company.


Campaign Management

Manage your campaign from the planning stage to reporting

Organize, collaborate, and plan content with an integrated, easy-to-use calendar. Track your campaign initiatives and measure their impact on the business

  • Quickly and easily create social marketing campaigns supporting corporate initiatives.
  • Collaborate on design, launch, and reporting across departments.
  • Deploy campaigns effectively across channels, markets, and demographic segments.
  • Automatically append tracking tags and parameters to track conversion.
  • Roll up reporting metrics across multiple channels.
  • Enforce campaign consistency across the entire organization.


Global Governance

and User Management



Rest assured

Manage approvals, policies, and audit trails so your team can interact with consumers without breaking a sweat.

  • Control and secure social across your entire organization.
  • Stay within internal and external compliance guardrails.
  • Maintain detailed audit trails.
  • Implement complex approval workflows.
  • Keep track of and control outbound messaging and content.
  • Easily and quickly manage vast arrays of user roles and permissions.
  • React protectively to crisis situations by blocking all social activity.


Distributed User Management

Get everyone involved 

Assemble similar users based on department, role, location, or department into a common profile for provisioning. Then, easily wrangle the constantly changing titles, permissions, and employment of your users.

Harness a simple way to manage user provisioning in distributed, global organizations

  • Manage, monitor, and govern thousands of distributed users and accounts.
  • Safely and efficiently share and reuse content globally.
  • Report on both local and organization-wide activity.
  • Create low-weight user roles for outlying users.
  • Support unlimited locations and agents.
  • Track who is deploying what, where, and when.
  • Test-market content on various markets.






Turn your data into action

Gather data from all your social channels in one place to see the whole picture. Dive deep and customize metrics to capture what’s working – and why. Share and send beautiful, custom reports to highlight successes.

  • Drive business outcomes based on historical and ad-hoc data.
  • Analyze the insight you need to control, adapt, and drive business outcomes.
  • Tweak and adapt operational and marketing tactics.
  • Track content-driven engagement and conversion metrics.
  • Identify your team’s most effective and productive members.
  • Discover what’s being said about your brand.



on the Go



Bring all of Sprinklr with you

Monitor, engage, and collaborate on the go, because social never sleeps. Bring the full power of Sprinklr into the palm of your hand

  • Collaborate with your teams away from the office.
  • Immediately take charge of crisis situations.
  • React in real time to approval requests.
  • Monitor campaigns from anywhere.