Understand your customers and
make them feel like they matter

Sprinklr Platform

Connected and empowered like never before, customers are disrupting the foundation of business. They are demanding to be put first. In this new world, customer experience is all that matters.

The Sprinklr platform unites internal teams, unifies customer data, and enables large companies to create competitive customer experiences.


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With the end-to-end functionality of the Sprinklr platform – from listening to moderation to advertising, analytics, and more – all customer-facing teams use the same virtual workspace. The old siloed approach crumbles, and your teams can collaborate and engage with customers like never before.


The Sprinklr platform is built on a single code base, so from its very inception, it was created to have everything work together. No workarounds, no disconnected point solutions, no “fingers crossed” that you have the right data.


Sprinklr is an open platform that connects to legacy systems like Marketo, Salesforce, and Nexgate. The flexible architecture supports thousands of users, dozens of teams, and the complexity of running 20+ social channels. Additionally, a robust external API lets customers and developers build custom applications.


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